Kia GT tipped for release in 2017

A sporty, stylish coupé is currently in development, set for release in 2017. Kia’s first venture into the high performance world is largely based on the GT concept which was unveiled at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

What will it look like?

The design is said to be very similar to that of the GT concept and has been approved by design chief Peter Schreyer. The sleek styling and low profile of the four-door coupé is reminiscent of the classic Porsche silhouette and marks a distinct shift away from Kia’s comfort zone. The wide grille gives the front end an aggressive appearance which coupled with the sporty detailing gives the GT an imposing presence.

How fast will it be?

A proposed choice of powerful engines including a new 2.0-litre turbocharged unit suggests that the GT will be very nippy indeed. The flagship model will feature an explosive V8 unit which sets it up to rival models such as the Mercedes CLS63. A lot of factors, such as weight, are as yet unknown but this engine line-up is a promising start for Kia’s first performance car.

Where next for Kia?

The GT is just the beginning of Kia’s ambitious high performance plans. A convertible version of the GT coupé is very much part of the plan. The stunning GT4 Stinger has also been earmarked for a 2017 release. A two-seater, rear-wheel drive concept, the GT4 Stinger design looks as though it would be at home launching into space. It features clean minimalist lines and a single, wraparound piece of tinted glass making up the windscreen and windows.

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