Kia Motability – Advanced Payment

Some of our premium Kia cars require an advance payment that covers the difference between the mobility allowance amount and the car’s overall price. The payment is not a deposit and is non-refundable, with a fixed sum competitively priced according to the car’s servicing, maintenance and re-sale costs.

Our Motability experts negotiate with the manufacturer every three months in order to guarantee the best deal for you. With a fairly-priced payment, you are able to pay in one lump sum before or on the day you collect your new Kia car. If you want to pay by cheque, we advise you to pay at least seven days before to allow the funds to clear.

If your disability requires a vehicle with extensive adaptions and you cannot afford the advance payment, the Motability Scheme may be able to provide financial help. To receive more details on our advance payment offer, or the wider benefits of the Motability Scheme, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Allen Kia dealership.