Nil Advanced Payment

Many of our Kia cars available through the Motability Scheme require no advanced payment, which makes securing a brand new model even more affordable.

The thought of leasing a car can often seem costly, with many finance plans asking for an up-front sum before the vehicle is delivered. This can put certain cars out of reach, which is why some of our Motability Scheme offers include nil advanced payment, so you can drive away in your preferred Kia sooner. You’ll still swap your mobility allowance to fund the lease and pay a fixed amount monthly for added convenience.

With money worries set aside, you can focus on choosing the right Kia model for your specific needs. Adaptations may be required to help you drive in complete comfort and safety, which we can arrange as part of your lease package.

To find out more about a nil advanced payment offer, the wider benefits of the Motability Scheme and all your options, please contact your nearest Allen Kia dealership to speak with an adviser.