Kia Visual Check

To give you instant feedback on the health of your vehicle, we offer a free 30-point visual check. This thorough assessment covers every inch of your car, and our Kia-trained technicians can then tell you if there are any issues that need attention.

Once the 30-point visual check is complete, we will provide you with a report showing an in-depth picture of your car’s health. This report also explains the results to make it easy to understand any problems. If your vehicle needs work or repairs we provide a no-obligation estimate upfront, based on our competitive aftersales prices.

Each of the 30 elements inspected will be reported as red, amber or green. Anything marked red needs urgent attention, as it may be unsafe or illegal to drive your car without repairing it first. Amber items may have something wrong which could develop into a much worse problem. If something is marked amber then you do not need to get it fixed straight away but it is likely to be more affordable to do before it gets worse. Green items do not need any attention.

To find out more about our free 30-point visual health check and book your vehicle in, please get in touch with your nearest Allen Kia dealership.

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